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Business Paragon gives publishers an opportunity to share their useful findings and stories. Contributing to our community with a useful business guest post is appreciating.

We understand the market and so, we happily allow contributors to link their product, service, or the page they want to promote. Yes, it’s a ‘do-follow‘ link from our website i-e highly useful and authoritative business website.

Keeping this opportunity simple and effective for our community, we have made the following simple rules for business topic guest post submission.

Content Length500 words at least
Text LinksUp to 3
RestrictionsNo Plagiarism
No Spun Content
No Feeds Content
No Duplicated Content in any Form
No Offensive or Misleading Content
No Porno, Sexual, Magic, and Religious Content
No Gambling, Jackpot, or False News Content
No any other illegal business content
Information RequiredAt least 1 Content Reference
Author Name
Author Email
Author Website

AppreciationCorrect and Useful Business Content
Useful Reference Link
No too Promotional Content
No grammatical errors
At least 1 Unique Relevant Image / Info-graphic
Good formatted
Short paragraphs of around 20 – 30 words
Short & meaningful sentences
Special Rewards – $100Content that is SEO optimized
Content that is highly researched or drives us value in the form of more community engagements
Content that is linked / liked by other websites
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