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24 utility widgets make your iPhone seconds a productivity artifact

24 utility widgets make your iPhone seconds a productivity artifact

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24 utility widgets make your iPhone seconds a productivity artifact

In fact, starting with iOS 8, Apple has integrated Widgets, also known as Widgets, into the Notification Center, and allows third-party programs to develop their own widgets. But so far, I believe many people will ignore this tool.

In fact, whether it’s built in iOS or a third-party application, there are some useful gadgets. Today AppSo will summarize and introduce the usage of these widgets.

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  • How to add and organize widgets?
  • Native widgets are actually very useful
  • The widgets of these popular apps are not just accessories
  • And there are those you deserve to download for it.

How to add and organize widgets?

In the unlock state of the phone, pull down the notification center > slide left to enter the “Today view” (actually, we usually call the negative screen) > Pull to the bottom and click “Edit” to add and delete the widgets in the phone. .

In addition, the order of the widgets can be adjusted. Just hold down the slider to the right of the added component and slide it up and down to adjust the position.

Native widgets are actually very useful


This widget allows you to directly view the power of your phone and all Bluetooth devices connected to your phone, including non-Apple devices. Users who usually connect more Bluetooth devices can add it.


As the most useful upgrade feature in iOS 12, shortcuts can really save us a lot of effort. In fact, in addition to using Siri to run shortcuts, it is also possible to run shortcuts on widgets. In addition, click on “Customize in shortcuts” below to choose which specific shortcuts to put in the widget.

Screen usage time

It’s also a new heavyweight feature in iOS 12. In this widget, you can directly view the length of your iPhone’s use of the day and the approximate usage.

Personal collection

Just add your contacts to your Favorites, and then in this widget, you can quickly make phone calls, send messages, send emails, and more. As for how to add a collection? Click here to review.


After adding the bus lines you frequently take to the collection, you can check whether the line is running normally or there is a delay in traffic jams in this small component.

Siri application recommendations

Too many applications can’t find the application you are looking for at a time? The Siri app suggestions will analyze your most common use and the apps you will probably use based on your recent use of the app. It can be opened directly in this widget.

Nearby locations

Going to a strange place can’t find anything delicious? On the road, I found that the car is out of oil. How can I find the nearest gas station as soon as possible? It can be found in this widget in a nearby location.

Fitness record

If you have a user with your own fitness record, you can also add this widget to view the fitness record for the day without going to the app.

Calendar & next schedule

If you have the habit of managing your schedule on your iPhone calendar, you can also add these two widgets. These two widgets can display your day’s schedule and the next scheduled schedule.

The widgets of these popular apps are not just accessories

I believe that apps like Weibo and Alipay are indispensable in everyone’s mobile phones (WeChat has no widgets). So what are the useful features of these common third-party app widgets?


There are four small components in Sina Weibo, namely “Weibo”, “Following Dynamics”, “Top Weibo” and “Weibo Hot Search List”. The first widget is equivalent to the shortcut of various functions, you can directly enter the microblog editing interface, video sending interface, etc. directly in this widget. The latter three are more like a small Weibo message window, you can see the new news, popular Weibo and hot search list of bloggers you are interested in in these two widgets.


Alipay’s widgets are also a quick entry point for various commonly used functions, including “sweep”, “payment code”, “passenger code”, “receipt code” and so on.

Drip travel

The widgets that go on the go will list the destinations you have visited recently and the most frequently visited, and you can call the car directly by selecting the destination among these widgets.


With a bunch of people out of the subway station, but there are only two or three Mobike bicycles at the subway station, how can we get rid of the first step? Use widgets.

Are you hungry?

Among the two big take-away software, the US group has no exclusive widgets for take-out, but there are two who are hungry. First of all, the first one is also the “quick entry”. In this portal, you can directly enter the interface such as ordering. The other one is the “Order Assistant”, which shows you the status of your order in real time.


Although the US group’s takeaway app has no widgets, the US group’s app still has it. In this small component, in addition to directly searching for nearby restaurants, cinemas, hotels, etc., you can also directly enter the interface of the take-away, to a certain extent, to make up for the defects of the US group take-out without small components.

QQ Music, Netease Cloud Music, Apple Music

Here are three of the most common music apps listed, all with their own widgets. Among them, QQ music is a quick entry for “quick play” and “local music”. Netease Cloud Music is the entrance to the recommended song list and music station. The last Apple Music lists the albums you have recently played, and clicks to play them directly.

Shopping app

Some of the common shopping app widgets are basically recommended for some active products, but the functionality after clicking “Expand” is different. Relatively easy to use is Jingdong, you can sign in to Beijing Bean, check logistics, receive coupons, etc.


Needless to say, this is the fastest and most practical widget to help you get into digital life! !

And there is something you deserve to install for it

Is there some application that is worth downloading specifically for its widgets? Really.


When it comes to widgets, the first thing I have to mention is the Pin software. This clipboard extension tool, which won the 2016 App Store’s Top Ten App of the Year, is a bit like the Big Bang feature on a hammer phone. After you copy a passage, it is automatically pasted onto the widget and intelligent segmentation is performed. After the word segmentation, you can directly access Baidu Encyclopedia search, translation, merchandise shopping search, translation and other operations on different words.

N Stats

This is an app designed to view the status of your phone on widgets. On the widget, you can see information such as free memory, free disk space, real-time network speed, and more.


DataFlow, like N Stats, is a stateful inspection software, but DataFlow detects the use of mobile cellular network traffic. You can view the traffic usage status in the widget at any time after setting the monthly package traffic, monthly end date, and used usage in the application.


This is the cutest date tracking software I have ever seen. Set the deadline for everything or tasks in your app, and then see how much time or progress you have in the widget.


This is a world clock conversion tool that allows you to view time in multiple different time zones simultaneously by selecting local time directly in the widget.


Remember this little dinosaur on Chrome? We have previously introduced how to play this jump game on the TouchBar. Similarly, you can play on widgets as well.

These are the widgets that AppSo introduced for you today and their usage. Choosing the right widgets for you and using them can improve your efficiency. If you also have a good use of small components recommended, you are also welcome to leave a message in the message area.

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