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8 Ways to use Pinterest for Business | Get Direct Leads

Use Pinterest for Business

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8 Ways to use Pinterest for Business | Get Direct Leads

Make use of these 8 Pinterest for business hacks to increase direct leads and sales via Pinterest having 70M+ active users.

Pinterest for business is a win-win opportunity for digital businesses. Pinterest is one of the most active social community platform with 70M+ active users per month.

According to Semiocast – the company that mines consumer insights, Pinterest is getting valuable social platform to drive direct leads.

The benefits of maintaining Pinterest for business is not limited to women-led business or fashion companies. Even purely tech businesses are getting valuable sales feedback from their Pinterest followers.

Pinterest is just like a free tool to acquire direct sales with in short period.

Following are the ways to make most out of Pinterest for business:-

  1. Professional Business Profile on Pinterest
  2. Organized Pinterest Content in Relevant Pin Boards
  3. Branded Pinned Photos – Specially Info-graphics
  4. Buyer-Friendly Pinned Content
  5. Branded Pinterest Hashtags
  6. Buyer-Intention Pin Titles & Hashtags
  7. Add Pin-able Content on Business Website
  8. Engage with Pinterest Community

So what’s next?

The next thing is collaborating with your social media team. Train them to respond actively and try to automate their tasks. On all your business websites, make use of auto pinning feature.

This will help you drive more traffic from Pinterest by automatically sharing posts with predefined business hashtags. Add post keywords in hashtags as well.

It’s easy. Seriously!

If you don’t rely on automated things then, don’t worry. You can always set your social marketing team to review shared posts everyday or weekends.

A good tip.

Pay an extra money to content writers to share their posts on their personal social accounts. Ask them to give credits by mentioning your brand name.

Yeah, I know. It’s tagging on some social platforms! Whatever it is, just try to populate your Pinterest feeds everyday. This will increase your pin impressions as well as pin rankings.

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