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Tips To Be Successful Online Personal Trainer

online personal trainer

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Tips To Be Successful Online Personal Trainer

An online personal trainer can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals with all the convenience of training in your own area, home, gym or any other place. Personal trainers are specialized in lifestyle and body transformation and use physical training, nutrition changes, and improvement in order to help you to reach your goal successfully.

4 Steps to become a successful online personal trainer

Being a successful online personal trainer requires more than just a passion and qualification. It comes with the business strategy and preparation.

personal training niche examples

Step1. Find Your Niche

Do not try to be a do-it-all personal trainer. As an online personal trainer, you need to find a niche if you want to be at the top of the competition. Your niche is your area of expertise. The expertise should be clear in people’s mind when they think of you as a personal trainer. When you find your desired niche, list the detail of your ideal persona. Your best client profile. That client will be the one you are going to be targeting the first time. Then think of a couple more profile that will be a complementary source of revenue for your business.

Our Advice

Focus on minimum persons for the promotion of your online training service.
By clearly explained your niche and your buyer personas, you will make your work more effective. You will be able to build workout templates and save time when assigning a new training plan to clients.

personal training unique selling proposition examples

Step2. Determine your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

By determining and being also to articulate your unique selling proposition, you will be much more confident in marketing what you have to offer.

personal training marketing strategies

Market Your Person

You need to be honest with your personality, which will make your clients come to you in the first place. They want to deal with you. They do not just need a training expert and they do not want to deal with a corporation. They just need a human being to look up and to keep them motivated all the way they want. For this, you just need to advertise your business, here are some advertisement ideas to achieve this goal.

Our Advice

We all have something special whether it is something about our personality, our history, figure it out that what it is for you and use it to promote your service.

how to advertise personal training business

Step3. Chose your promotional channels

Your decision to do investment in a specific channel will depend on your resources. We have listed 2 channels bellow that doesn’t need many resources.

social media marketing for personal trainers

Social Media

If you’re personal trainer, social media like YouTube or Facebook is probably the no. 1 channel that you want to consider, that simple reason being that it counts over 2 billion social media users, all our clients are among the users.



Don’t hesitate to seek a partnership to broaden your network. You will hit a larger audience and double your chances to get new clients. Make new friends online, partner up with other professionals in your industry, think about the service that you can offer free in exchange of some visibility in their network, mention your service in their newsletter as an example.

technology for personal trainers

Step4. Use Technology to Your Advantage

There are many software and online services that you can use to manage your business and more efficiently while impressing your clients. You can use Word Press to build a professionally-looking website at a low cost. A technology called Square allows you to collect clients payments by simply plugging a device to your mobile phone.

Apart from management tools, online personal training, you’ll need an online training software. Don’t only look at how your client will like it, or what features it has to offer, as these are variables that change over time.


Now that you’re clear about that what you have to offer and how to offer it, get the job done. It will surely require hard work. Hard work always gives a result.
Just like Total Coaching wasn’t built in a day. It’s been built with hard work We continue to work hard to provide our clients with the best personal training software and customer services.
Keep up the hard work and you’ll be proud of what you’ve accomplished when you see new clients coming at your door without you even expecting them.

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