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Top 6 Business Ideas for Girls

business ideas for girls

Business Ideas

Top 6 Business Ideas for Girls

Here we are offering business ideas for girls which are in fact completely free and many females around the globe are making a decent salary from them as well.

Even though there was a time when girls were not taken seriously in many walks of life but those times have long since changed and girls are becoming aggressive and passionate to prove themselves equal to the males in many fields. With the help of education and awareness campaigns, the percentage of female entrepreneurs has skyrocketed in the last 20 years especially.

It’s been reported that there has been a 114% spike rate on the charts regarding the female entrepreneur joining the business. The report further included the demands of women, such as policies to avoid gender discrimination and jobs which they can balance with their family.

Becoming Female Entrepreneur

As a girl, it’s quite hard to become an entrepreneur but not impossible at all, as long as you have done your homework and receiving good advice from a proper mentor. If you don’t know anyone around you who you can choose as a mentor or just can’t afford someone right now, then you have come to the right place.

Business ideas for girls

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Here we are offering business ideas for girls which are in fact completely free and many females around the globe are making a decent salary from them as well.

Monetize your Passion

It’s quite possible that you are at a very important point in your career and it is very hard during this time period. Females from a young age tend to very talented in many areas and their passion creates a lot of business opportunities later on for them.

Business Ideas for girls

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

So if you are a girl think about what you are passionate about and pursue that as a career. Most of the time if you convert your passion into a business, it tends to be profitable because you are not bored by what you do and like what you want to do.

List of Business Ideas for Girls

We have devised a list of business ideas for girls which are perfect for those girls who would want to stay from home and still making a decent salary to live on.

As a girl, you can work from home and this enables you to spend more time with family and kids (if you have any), and you can also utilize the resources that are available at your home into your business.

Using items from to help you with work can help you can lessen your cost of starting the business.

Before we get into explaining some of the business ideas, lets clear this up that men can also monetize such a business and there is no gender discrimination when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur.

Stay motivated and below are some of the best business ideas for girls to pursue:

Writer / Blogger

Becoming a writer requires absolute no cost except that of your time and focus. As we said earlier, you can utilize the resources from home for this task such as a laptop.

business ideas for girls

That is really all you need to start this business. Start by doing small gigs and when you’re confident in yourself, start accepting bigger tasks and with the passage of time, you can expand this business by hiring more writers for yourself. Don’t pursue this business if your English isn’t at least fluent and understandable.

Life Coach

If you are personally developed well and are confident enough that you can motivate others to pursue their goals, or help them achieve stability in their life then becoming a life coach and providing services from the premises of your home is a good idea.

business ideas for girls

Life coaches can charge a decent sum of money per hour, but if you are just starting, we would suggest going low and then think about charging high rates once you have built up your name a bit.

Virtual Assistant

If you are an aggressive and energetic person and you have obtained enough skills in the area of social media management, processing dealings, ghostwriting, editing and data entry then this job is just for you.

business ideas for girls

Virtual assistants can make anything around 700$ to 1000$ in the beginning and your profit only increases with time. Most of the managers at big cooperation’s started small at the virtual assistant and got to the point by promotions over time.

You can also stay at home and provide virtual assistant service through the premises of your home.

Online Teaching / Tutoring

Technology has expanded a lot in this digital era and due to this many people tend to learn while being at home rather than go somewhere for getting an education.

business ideas for girls

People choose online training and teaching not only because they don’t have to go out but also because online sources are much more valid as compared to the teacher who mostly teachers from outdated course outlines.

It can be a very fruitful business if you start providing online teaching services by the premises of your own home. You can choose a specific subject or skill to teach online and charge your students for it by the hour.

Only pursue this business, if you have some educational degrees to back up your claims. Get a bit of experience through local schools, so you can get a gist of teaching and then you can provide your teaching services from home and make decent money.


You just need a proper family friendly home to start providing baby sitter services. Meet parents with a smile on your face and assure them that their child will be well taken care of.

business ideas for girls

Choose this business only if you are good with children and can stand them because some kids can be menacing (not their fault since they are kids after all). You can set an age limit for the kids you available for babysitting.

This is a good business ideas for girls which can be started at a very low cost and can make you a good profit but it is not as profitable as the rest of the business ideas for girls.


If you are good with a camera and can take clicks and shots that people can’t help but praise than this is good news for you since you can monetize this business easily.

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

As a female, it might be hard at first to land a photography contract but once you have built a good reputation about your work ethic, the job offers will come to you. You just need a camera to start selling your services.

If you can’t afford a camera, then you can either save over time and try to sell some pictures from your phone on the different websites online.

Once you have the necessary equipment, you can market yourself through social media to show your skills.

These were some of the business ideas for girls, which are really easy to monetize and make decent money from. Stay motivated and work hard because you can’t achieve anything without working hard for it first.

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